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Q:Why isn't it safe to get MonaLisa Touch while I have a Paragard copper IUD in? Will I be okay if I still had the procedure?
A:Thanks for your question and so sad that you could not get your treatment done on that day. Hopefully you've been able to get your vaginal laser treatment done now. Neither a copper IUD or progesterone IUS is a contraindication to MonaLisa touch treatment. The CO2 laser is very safe. I have treated patients with IUS in place before and no complications at all. Wishing you the best.
Answered: 28 May 2019

DR.Bisi Alukoの回答

A:Overall, there is no reason you can't have a MonaLisa Touch procedure. The IUD and treatment locations are in two very different locations.
Of the many such cases I have treated the only adverse side effect that occurred in maybe 3 cases was mild cramping. This occured in patients I treated for laxity issues where the vginal tissues reacted very positively and therefore pulled tissues. In each case the cramping resolved within 2 - 3 days and patients were quite pleased with the results.Warmly,Arbella Sarkis, MD

DR.Arbella Sarkisの回答

A:It is safe to have the MonaLisa Touch Laser treatment. The MonaLisa Touch Laser treats the vagina and not your uterus where the IUD is located. I suggest you re-discuss this with your doctor.

DR.Michelle Jonesの回答

An IUD is not a contraindication to the MonaLisa Touch procedure.  The laser treats the vaginal tissue and does not fire into the uterine cavity where your IUD sits.  You will not experience any risk due to the IUD and can proceed with treatment.Best,
Dr. DuPont

DR.Mary C. DuPontの回答

A:You asked a loaded question. Unfortunately, it was loaded with nonsense. The Mona Lisa is a CO2 laser device that fires into the vaginal skin to depth of approximately 200 microns. That's roughly two thirds of the thickness of the vaginal skin and it's aimed outward when done properly. This is not in the direction nor near the location of anything inside the uterus which is roughly 5000 microns thick at its thinnest points and roughly 20,000 microns away. You couldn't mess up your uterus or your IUD with the MonaLisa if you tried. Don't worry about the string. It doesn't get snagged on probes or anything phallic...obviously.
Answered: 21 May 2019


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