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DR.Edsel Antonioの回答

Q:Is thermiva effective at shrinking labia?
A:ThermiVa can reduce the redundant skin on the outer labia, or labia majora, to some degree but it will not shrink the inner labia nor will it even it out.  If the difference is subtle then you my not need to do anything about it but if  it is significant enough to you then a simple labiaplasty can help to even it out.
Answered: 2 May 2019


DR.Edsel Antonioの回答

A:This is a great question.
ThermiVa is a radiofrequency device which works via bulk heating and the radiofrequency energy penetrates through the vaginal internal mucosa, the intermediate muscularis, and the outer adventitia. This means that it reaches all the layers of the vagina that are involved in sensation, lubrication, and muscle tone, and patients report improved sensation, lubrication, and laxity. When biopsies were performed after treatment to study the effects of treatment, an increase in collagen, elastic fibers, small nerves and blood vessels was found. It has also been effective in improving stress and urge incontinence in treated patients. It can be applied to both the internal vaginal walls and external labial tissues.
Fractional CO2 devices create tiny wounds in the surface of the vagina, the mucosa. the laser energy does not reach the muscularis or adventitia. Patients have experienced improved lubrication. It claims to improve laxity in some patients as well, although the mechanism, given that it does not penetrate to muscle or fascia, would be unknown. It cannot be used to treat the vulva.
Some patients with more severe dryness, for example due to atrophic vaginitis, a common postmenopausal problem, have gotten worse after fractional CO2. There have been no serious side effects from more than 100,000 ThermiVa treatments.There is no downtime with ThermiVa, and a few days of minor downtime with CO2. With CO2, there is a small risk of infection post-operatively.There are no comparative studies to show the duration of response after radio frequency vs CO2.I hope this information is helpful to you.All the best,   Dr. Clark
Answered: 6 Nov 2018


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